What Models do the MVP’s Swing?

What model do the MVP’s swing? 

Well, that is an interesting question. Like many players, both 2017 MVP’s have tried a few different models, with a few different names.

 Jose Altuve used two different models during the regular season and playoffs; the JA27 and the CC8. The CC8 is also known as the MC1/CG1, which was originally designed by Chris Coghlan. The CC8 was a combination model put together by Chris because he loved the handle of the MC1, but the barrel of the CG1. Jose agreed and even though he had his own custom model already, decided to try the CC8.

Jose goes with a 33 inch, 31 ounce with a full cup for both his models. He likes a thin handle so has modified the CC8 to have a 0.91” handle. Both models have a long barrel as well, making them slightly end loaded.  After about the mid-way point of the season, Jose went solely with the CC8 model, over even his own JA27.

 We think it worked pretty well for him!



Like Altuve, Giancarlo Stanton has also used a few models. In his early days, Stanton used our classic KB1 model. Over the last few years he has narrowed it down to the 2K2, which he set the all-time Home Run Derby record with in 2016, and the G27. Both models are very similar, having a large flared knob with an extended barrel. The knob was taken from Giancarlo’s 2016 hitting Coach Barry Bonds, who also helped influence Marcell Ozuna into using that style as well.  In the 2016 Home Run Derby even though we had sent him some bats of his own in all black, when he set the record Stanton was actually using one of Marcell’s borrowed bats! 

Stanton uses a 34 inch, 32 ounce with a half cup on both his models as well. Both are big power hitter’s models with lots a barrel. Our Sam Bat Team is very proud to have crafted bats this season for both of these outstanding players.



So when people ask us what the top players swing, the answer is not always a simple one. It can be “what week?” “What year?” “Well this model, but it is the same as this model just with a different name.” Or it can be a simple as “34/32 MC1”.

Congratulations to both Giancarlo and Jose on unbelievable years!

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