“God gave me the skill, but Sam Bat gave me the confidence” – Barry Bonds

At SAM BAT, it is our mission to craft the highest quality wood baseball bats available anywhere.

With that being said, let’s be honest, bats break. Bats can break for a number of reasons - damage in transit, hit placement, improper storage, lending it to a friend, slamming it over your knee - to name a few.  A perfect piece of wood, turned into the world’s best bat can still break if the ball is hit in the wrong spot.

The model you choose can also play a big part in the durability of the bat. Models with a slower tapering barrel and thicker handles will typically last longer than thin handled bats with bigger barrels. 

At SAM BAT, we stand behind our product through and through because we know that when a bat leaves the factory, it has been examined many times by 5 or more of our skilled craftsmen and is of the highest quality.

We know you are serious about your game and that you came to Sam Bat because you wanted the best.  We want you to be satisfied – we want you to have the same level of confidence in Sam Bat that Barry and 100’s of pros have – this is why we are offering a 30 Day Warranty from time of receipt of the bat. After 30 days, we cannot guarantee how the bat has been stored, used, abused, transported, etc.

The Sam Bat warranty excludes any pack bats (Universals, Pro Pack, etc.), Ultralights, Batting Practice and Ash bats. 

Warranty Process: 

  • Keep the bat(Please do NOT return the physical bat to us);
  • Take photographs of the entire bat, the area around the breakage, the writing in the cup; 
  • Take a photograph or your receipt; and
  • Email the photographs to bats@sambat.com


While we will accept returns/exchanges of unused bats, please understand that shipping bats back and forth is expensive.  It is important to ensure that the correct bat is ordered the first time.

Please make every effort to ensure that you order the correct bat.  If you have any question about what bat is right for you, please reach out to us. 

We will accept exchanges or returns of unused stock bats.  Please note that the return shipping cost is the customer's responsibility.

Before attempting to return or exchange any product, please email bats@sambat.com.