The Legendary Sam Bat MMO!

The MMO is a one of our featured bats carried by Dick's Sporting Goods.  We feature this bat in our traditional "Bonds" colors. Cherry handle, black barrel, gold logo that was made famous by Barry Bonds. Barry and Sam worked together for years to perfect look. 

The MMO has been around since the very early days of SAM BAT.  When Sam Holman crafted the first professionally approved maple wood baseball bat in 1997. The Sam Bat MMO has always been one of our most popular models. It has hovered consistently in the 4th or 5th bat position overall.

In the past staff always wondered why the Sam Bat MMO was not chosen more? Many thought that this model did not get the true attention that it deserved, for such a great model. 

After 25 years the MMO has really taken off! It was a slow build, everyone here on staff thought it was cool, first one order, then another and another. By year end it is now our most popular model across the board!

The MMO is based off the M110 profile, made famous by Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris!

A perfect all around maple baseball bat, the MMO has a nice long hitting surface, but is still incredibly balanced with a classic rounded knob. We recommend this maple wood baseball bat to all types of players from youth who are just transitioning to wood, all the way up to Power Hitters in the Pros!

The MMO is available both in stock and in custom. The quickest way to get an MMO in your hands to try is to drop by your local Dick's Sporting Goods

Get your own SAM BAT MMO today and experience what many pros have loved for years!



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