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Youth Models

Now that we understand what the new USA Bat Regulations mean…….. let’s take a look at the different models that may be best for the young superstar! DROP 5 SERIES The Drop 5 Series is the perfect option for those who want to start swinging wood. At a full drop 5 length to weight ratio, they are all easy swinging bats. If you need a larger barrel but are not quite ready for a full size adult bat, these are the models for you. A great transition bats from Little League. The Drop 5 series Sam Bats offer a larger...

One-Handed Trainer

The Sam Bat One-Handed Trainer is the perfect addition to your practice regime. The one-handed trainer is a shortened Sam Bat model with added weight, perfect for hitting off of a tee and building strength in your swing. Available in 28-30 inches long, the Trainer is a must have for all coaches, teams, and players looking to take their game to the next level.  Order yours today and Add To Your Arsenal