Ordering Your Custom Sam Bat

We often get asked ‘What Custom bat is best for me?’ or ‘What Custom bat is best for my kid?

Although it is a fair question to those new to wood bats, it is not a cookie cutter answer! Each player will have many different preferences on a number of things including length, weight, knob, handle, and more.  Every Pro Player that has ordered from us has customized something special to themselves. What works best for one player won’t work for another it should be an extension of yourself, to transfer energy to the ball.

So here is how to get started.


The first thing to decide on is what model you would like to use. What model is the best? The answer is, all of them! Finding the one that best fits YOU can be challenge.

Our SAM BAT Bat Selector Tool is a great way to help narrow it down to a few models. It will ask you about your preferences on the knob, handle, and balance. Try it now: https://sambat.com/pages/find-your-bat-model


We have a wide variety of knobs. We call our CD1 a great transition model from metal as it has a similar shaped knob as a metal bat and it is a great classic model. If this is your first wood bat keep it simple. Our largest knob is the on the 2K1 bat first developed by Sam for Barry Bonds, it is a large flare. It is quite specific and not for everyone. So when you are looking at the photos, zero in on the shape of the knob and how it transitions to the handle.



The questions to ask are do you like a thick or a thin handle? The specs for each bat are listed on each custom bat page. The thinnest handle is the PS2 and our thickest handle is the SAM 1 which is 1.04 inches.


Do you prefer the weight more in the barrel which we describe as “end loaded” or more balanced overall. Alfonso Soriano developed the AS12 with Sam and it is one of our most end loaded bats. The KB1, MMO and CG1 are very balanced bats. The idea is to have the bat working with you. Each bat is not for everyone and as much as it may be alluring to use the bat of your favorite pro player, most often that will not be the best bat for you.


After you narrow it down to a few models, the next thing to decide on is choosing what length you are looking for. When choosing a length, have a look at our Sizing Chart. This is a good base to start with, but some players prefer shorter or longer bats than their size might suggest! If it is your first wood bat, we suggest going with the length assigned to your size.




Once you have decided on a model and length, the next step is picking your weight. We always suggest swinging the heaviest bat you can swing. This is because the bat will be more durable, and perform better. The heavier the bat (of the same model) will come from a denser piece of wood, meaning it is harder and more durable. If you feel comfortable swinging a -1 to -2, we advise choosing that, but if you feel more comfortable with a lighter bat, the -2 to -3 option is a great choice as well!


The cup is the next stage of choosing your custom bat. Find out what cup is best for you here: https://sambat.com/blogs/sam-bat-blog/what-is-a-cup


Personalization – the fun part!

Now that your physical bat is complete, it is time for the fun part of the custom bat process: choosing your colors and engraving! We have a wide range of colors to do a solid color, different handle and barrel or even completely natural.

We have a wide range of logo colors as well. Gold and Silver have always been the most popular. Our signature color combo is a cherry handle, black barrel, gold logo which we have nicknamed “Bonds” for Barry Bonds record setting bat. Miguel Cabrera used a natural handle, black barrel with a gold logo. In fact come to think of it most of the record setting bats had a gold logo which is why it is so popular.

Take your time and play around with the SAM BAT color picker to do a mock up with and design the Bat of Your Dreams!

Model, Length, Cup, Handle Color, Barrel Color, Logo and Engraving.




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