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How the first approved maple baseball bat was born…..the SAM BAT!

SAM BAT – The setting and the Bar Challenge, Mayflower Pub How the first approved maple baseball bat was born….. Sam Holman was strolling down Elgin Street on the way to his favorite spot the Mayflower Pub for a pint of Creemore Springs Ale. It was a cold spring day in 1996 and he pulled the collar of his windbreaker up which covered his well-worn signature overalls and a T shirt. He was tired, the day hadn’t quite gone as planned.  Heading around to the back to where the regulars entered, he pulled open the heavy carved wood door. The...

Youth Models

Now that we understand what the new USA Bat Regulations mean…….. let’s take a look at the different models that may be best for the young superstar! DROP 5 SERIES The Drop 5 Series is the perfect option for those who want to start swinging wood. At a full drop 5 length to weight ratio, they are all easy swinging bats. If you need a larger barrel but are not quite ready for a full size adult bat, these are the models for you. A great transition bats from Little League. The Drop 5 series Sam Bats offer a larger...

One-Handed Trainer

The Sam Bat One-Handed Trainer is the perfect addition to your practice regime. The one-handed trainer is a shortened Sam Bat model with added weight, perfect for hitting off of a tee and building strength in your swing. Available in 28-30 inches long, the Trainer is a must have for all coaches, teams, and players looking to take their game to the next level.  Order yours today and Add To Your Arsenal