SAM BAT Sit Down with Josh Naylor


We sat down with Team Sam Bat member Josh Naylor on his family, baseball, and what he likes to swing.

You can follow Josh on Instagram @jaynaylor10 and Twitter @JoshNaylor44


Q: Where did you grow up and did you grow up playing baseball?  Does anyone else in the family play? Tell us a little bit about your family, brothers or sisters? Were they supportive?

- Mississauga, ON, Canada
- Brother• Noah, 20, Position C/3B -
- Brother •Myles, 14, Position: SS/2B/CF
- Very supportive group, always practicing together and working towards one goal together.


Q: Any other sports?

- Volleyball
- Hockey
- Wrestling


Q: What made you choose baseball?

- I chose baseball because it was the most natural thing to me. It’s what I wanted to do when I woke up, during the whole day and night. It’s always been a passion of mine to play this game.


Q: When did you hear about Sam Bat and what made you join Team Sam Bat?

I heard about SAM BAT through teammates while I was in travel ball & the beginning of my pro ball career. I think Sam Bat’s have they most balance & pop.


Q: Tell us a bit about the model you designed 

Wanted to go with a bat that I felt fully confident in swinging. My go-to handle is a flared handled that has a bigger barrel to compliment it. 


Q: What do you look for in bat? 

  • Weight evenly throughout
  • Medium-big barrel 
  • Slightly flatter handle 
  • Long Barrel

Q: What cup do you use and why? 

  • I work with both because I feel like during the season sometimes I feel strong and sometimes I don’t feel as strong so using both helps with those days.

Q: When picking colors, do you like to go flashy, or classic?


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