Making of a Champion

Balls went very far on Tuesday night! I mean faaaaar. Giancarlo Stanton hit not one, but two, home runs 497 feet. These are the longest two home runs ever recorded with modern technology.

Stanton would go on to:

  • Hit 61 home runs
  • Hit 20 of the 21 furthest home runs
  • Hit the longest 10 home runs
  • Hit the ball a combined 27,187 feet
  • An average of 445ft per home run
  • A total of 5.14 miles

 ……… with a Sam Bat!



Not so obvious is how he got that bat, or even the bat he was using in the competition itself……

It all started on a cold, blustery December morning when Barry Bonds was named the new Miami hitting coach. Barry is known as one of the greatest hitters of all time, but he is also known for his very unique Sam Bat. His model, the 2K1, has an extraordinarily large knob, and a long, massive barrel.

Barry still loves to compete and actually took on Stanton, Ozuna, and the rest of the team in a home run derby in the spring. Bonds, being Bonds, won the home run derby using his classic 2K1 at the age of 51, beating out Stanton, Ozuna and the like.

Fast forward to May when another Miami All-Star, Marcell Ozuna, was in a slump to begin the year. Barry handed Ozuna one of his own bats for him to try. Ozuna instantly loved it. He designed a slightly modified version of the 2K1 with a smaller (but still very big) knob, and smaller barrel, calling it the 2K2. Ozuna started on a 2 month long tear, en route to being a starter in the All-Star game.

Stanton started the year in a slump of his own and after he saw the turnaround from Ozuna he talked to Barry and Ozuna about the bats and tried them for himself.

In 19 games since getting the bat from Ozuna, Stanton has gone on a tear. Even after having his own bats, he continues to use his lucky Ozuna bat.

He is hitting .300, with 8 home runs and 19 RBIs in 19 games. That is a pace of 68 home runs and 162 RBIs over a full season. This included 5 home runs in 5 games before the All-Star break.

After being on such a home run streak, Stanton decided to use the lucky Marcell Ozuna bat in the home run derby as well and boy did he put on a show.

After clobbering an astounding 24 home runs in the first round, he followed it up with 17, and 20 to finish the night with 61 home runs and cruising to the title.

Thank you Giancarlo and congratulations!!

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