Great message from a terrific customer...

Lee on our staff received this great message this morning. As he said "what a great start to the day". I passed it on to Barry Bonds.....

Back in 2002 I was 14 years old and my mom bought two bats from you. I remember it vividly, I searched the early internet for the exact bat Mr. Barry Bonds used. After much research I discovered your remarkable baseball bat. This was also back in the day when you had to hand fill out the order and call in.

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an awesome baseball bat. I still have the two to this day that I used back when I still played. I discovered them recently when unpacking old items. Both are still in great condition. I am truly glad to see that SamBat has reached such an epic level.

Thank you for helping provide such a huge memory.


Tim Bonner

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