Sam Bat Authentication

Bought a Game Used Sam Bat? Contact us to get it Sam Bat verified!

Over the years, we have had many people contact us asking to verify that they have an original Sam Bat, and we are pleased to do so! It is exciting to see all the great game used bats and all the history they have created.

Sam developed a unique ordering system, marking the order number and date in our patented cup. We can track bats all the way back to Sam's garage in 1998! Paul Gauvin, Sam's brother-in-law, has been marking the bats since 1997 on Sam's dining room table. 

We are able to tell the origins of the bat, whether it be on the field in the hands of a pro, or shipped to your local sporting goods store, we can track it all the way!

Phone: 1-888-SAM-BATS