Player Testimonails

"Ladies and Gentleman at Sam Bat, my son always asks for wood bats, but sports stores offer junk wood bats for kids due to low demand. I tried your website and had fun designing various bat iterations. I happily arrived a double blue with red and white...your craftmanship turned this fantasy bat into reality. You even made an alteration to the design as per my request."
Steve Shanahan | 9/27/16


"The factory tour was very interesting.  We learned about the fascinating details that go into the specification and manufacturing of custom baseball bats for Major League players.  The variables are so numerous as to be dazzling:  the weight of the bat, the distribution of that weight, the diameter of the bat (at multiple points along its length), the profile of the various tapers, the texture of the finished bare wood, and the stain or varnish finish that is applied.  We learned a only few of the endless details that go into running this very successful business.  For baseball fans, examining many of the finished bats and realizing that they bore the names of some of the biggest players in MLB was a brush with fame"
Bob | Citroen Club of Ottawa, 11/23/13


"Sam Holman is to baseball bats what Michelangelo was to painting. What Stradivarius was to violins. What Shakespeare was to writing. Sam makes the best bats on the planet."
David Jacobson, US Ambassador | Ambassador's Blog, 4/24/12


"I just purchased a SG-1 Black Walker Sam Bat and wanted to tell you how much I love this bat. I am a senior in high school and play in a wood bat league in Pennsylvania. I have about six or seven other wood bats and none of them compare to the Sam Bat. I started to use the Sam Bat because I have heard about the great quality of the bat, and soon found out that it is true. I also love the feel and weight of the bat. Thanks for the great quality product."
R. Geffert | 9/21/07


"I purchased a fungo bat last year and all I can say is WOW! I've scouted for the Phillies, Yankees and Orioles, coached for Lebanon Valley College, Widener University and I can tell you that this is the best fungo I've ever used. We went to Florida this year for our spring trip and almost every opposing coach asked to swing it. What a hit and no pun intended! I have been in baseball all my life and have made a living teaching baseball my whole life. Here goes, "unless someone helps themselves to my bat I don't think I'll ever have to replace it." Sam, I know I'm not Barry but I love your BATS."
Doc Malloy | 7/6/07


"Sports Illustrated called Ottawa carpenter Sam Holman's maple baseball bat a "21st-century Excalibur." Denser than ash bats, Holman's have extra pop in hitting. Barry Bonds set a single-season home run record in 2001 using a Sam Bat. Major-leaguers have adopted it in droves."
Camilla Cornell | Reader's Digest, 7/1/07


"It's like playing a Stradivarius. It just feels better."
Mike McCune | Men's Journal - 10/1/98