Barry Bonds: 73 and 756 - Critical Numbers - Historical Achievements in Baseball

Confidence is Power.

In 2001 when Barry Bonds set a new major league record of 73 home runs in a season leaving his mark on baseball history, he was wielding a Sam Bat. “Sam wants to give me the credit. But it took both of us to do it.  I give thanks to God for my ability, and I give thanks to Sam for producing something that gives me a lot of confidence.”  Barry Bonds, The Ottawa Sun, Canada 2002 Barry had originally been introduced to Sam Holman through Joe Carter who in 1997 was the first to champion the then unsanctioned bat. Sam, the inventor of the Sam Bat and founder of The Original Maple Bat Corporation, has worked with Barry Bonds over the years to develop a custom bat to maximize performance. His now signature 73 (2K1) model is the result. And Sam Bat was there for 755, 756, 757… Barry Bonds made baseball history once again on August 7, 2007, when he hit No. 756 to the deepest part of AT & T Park in San Francisco, making him baseball’s new home run king. Bond’s bat of choice, a two-tone – cherry colored handle, black barrel with a gold label - maple (of course) Sam Bat. To quote Hank Aaron’s taped message to Barry on the night Bonds surpassed Aaron’s record “It is a great accomplishment which required skill, longevity and determination.” For the evolution of Barry’s Bat and a comparison to the bat used by Hank Aaron see The Denver Post “756: KING OF SWING” by: Severiano Galvan & Troy E. Renck; Wednesday, August 8, 2007 The Original Maple Bat Corporation would like to thank Barry Bonds for his significant long term support of the company and its product.

SAM BAT - Proud to Play a Part.

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