Ash CD1-Stock / Wheat/Vintage (Gold)

Ash CD1-Stock / Wheat/Vintage (Gold)
Knob Type
Regular Round
Handle Size
Barrel Size

Profile Crossover
T 141

Originally Made For
Carlos Delgado

Previously Used By
Troy Glaus, Jacques Jones, Dionner Navarro, Hanley Ramirez

Currently Used By
Junior Lake, Philip Ervin, Tucker Nathans, Bryce Harper, Max Ramirez

The SAM BAT CD1 is one of the most popular models we make.   This longstanding favorite is a great transitional model for players looking to switch from metal to wood. A classic rounded knob meets a straight handle, giving the bat a similar feel to aluminum.   The CD1 is a regular barrel model with a straighter barrel and a relatively quick taper from handle to barrel. 

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