What the ALDS teams are thankful for on Canadian Thanksgiving

In the US it is a Thanksgiving tradition to sit with your family and eat a wonderful meal and watch Football! In Canada we are lucky enough to do all those things AND watch Playoff Baseball! As we enter the 3rd games of the Division series starting today let’s look at a few things that the ALDS teams are thankful for.

Boston Red Sox

Right now, the Sox are happy that today is a new day and thankful they are home at Fenway! They have been outplayed in every facet of the game by the Astros, getting beat 8-2 in both games of the series and trail 2-0. The Red Sox hope they will be thankful for broken broom handles after today’s game!

Houston Astros

The Astros have a lot to be thankful for after the last two games. Mostly they are thankful for their middle infield. Correa and Altuve have combined for 4 Home Runs (3 by Altuve in the first game), 7 RBI’s, and a .467 BA. Their starting pitching has logged 11 2/3 innings letting up only 3 Earned Runs for a 2.31 ERA if Peacock can keep up with that they will be thankful for the rest as they will be moving on to the ALCS.

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have been thankful for the Home Run because they have been shut out in the post season in games they did not put one into the seats. They should also be thankful for 2 big things, Girardi has learned that he can interrupt a pitcher’s rhythm if the replay will result in a reversal of call, thus ending the inning, and giving his pitcher time to regain said rhythm while they HIT! Second, they should be thankful that Cleveland’s Carlos Carrasco prefers his slider to a curveball as Aaron Judge has looked like Pedro Cerrano from Major League! Hopefully tonight’s starter Masahiro Tanaka will take a page from Isuro “Kamikazi” Tanaka book and tell Judge that he has “NO MARBLES”.

Cleveland Indians

The Tribe is very thankful for both New York baseball teams. The Yankees, for obvious reasons, and the Mets for not trading Jay Bruce to the Yankees and sending him their way. Allowing the 30-year-old who at the time was batting .256 at the time of the trade to go to the Tribe. He had also racked up 29 HR and 75 RBI’s leading the Mets in both categories. Bruce is hitting .333 with 2 Home Runs and 4 RBI’s against the Yankees this post season. You also can’t over look Trevor Bauer who dominated the Yankees in game 1 and would be available to pitch again in the series should the need arise.   


For me I am thankful for my family, Baseball, all of you reading this, and getting to see my Yankees play at least one more game this season. Also, that my NY Jets for giving me 2 opportunities to see one of my teams beat a team from Cleveland today; otherwise it will be a rough Monday in my house!

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