The Script for Game 6

We have been fortunate to watch the most exciting World Series in dare I say history. Not just because we are going into game 6 or because we have had Cy young caliber pitching and an MVP playing up to his potential in the playoffs, but because these games are playing into a script that only an LA screen writer could put together. I would even say that a screen writer wouldn’t be brash enough to make these games this suspenseful.  

Here is how the script for this upcoming game will be played. We will see a gritty performance from the future Hall of Fame Vet in Verlander; who has a Rookie of the Year (06’), AL MVP (11’) AL Cy Young (11’) will be pitching against the probable NL MVP, Bellinger, and the rest of the dominating Dodgers offense. The Astros will look to get 7 innings out of him, while the Dodgers will look to get only 4 innings out of Hill, then pass it over to their unbelievable Pen. In this time both teams will put up a 2-1 game.

After the starters come out of the game one of the teams will put up a 4 run inning and then the scoring part of the game will take over. 3 runs here 1 run there until we are tied up 4-4  or 6-6 in the 6th or 7th inning and the battle will begin. Each game of this series has turned from a pitching duel into a war of attrition. Who can stay the course, what reliever will hold for one inning will be the difference in this game.

I believe the difference in this game will be Verlander. Verlander who was traded for this game, exactly this game. He said yes to the trade, so he could pitch in this game. Have the Rock on the edge of getting his Ring. The final accomplishment needed to finish the master piece that has been his career. Verlander who has had 25 career complete game 8 of those were shut outs, and 2 of those were no-no's. If he could add one more the series will be Houston's. However the only thing that is guaranteed we will have an exciting game in this Halloween Classic.  


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