Damage From Use

At Sam Bat our mission is to craft the highest quality wood baseball bats available anywhere.

Due to the nature of the sport, we unfortunately cannot replace bats damaged or broken after they have been used.

Damage in Transit

We will be happy to replace your Sam Bat if, when you receive it, the bat has suffered damage in transit. If this is the case:

  1. Do not use the bat.
  2. Contact us immediately by e-mail. Unfortunately if you do not contact us immediately we cannot ascertain that the damage was done prior to your receiving the bat and we will not be able to replace it.
  3. Fill out this Form and return to us.
  4. Please do not return the bat unless asked to do so by our staff.

Product Received Does Not Match Product Ordered

If you receive your Sam Bat and it does not match the specifications that you gave at the time of ordering, please contact us immediately and do not use the product. If the order form/invoice that we have on record does not correspond with the bat you have received we will replace it.